A discovery app that helps people find sunny spots in a city through interactive weather visualisations.


Sunnyside is a discovery app for mobile iOS that enables Copenhagen residents to navigate the sunny spots and shady spots across their city landscape when the sky is clear and the sun is up. Interactive and simplified visualizations convey where there is direct sunlight touching down on their favorite outdoor eating, drinking, and socializing locations. Inspiration for the key features came out of user interviews which highlighted the need for a time slider and favorites view.


Working with the brief of enabling people to share the moment, we felt inspired by one of Scandinavia’s most limited resources: sunshine. At any given moment on a sunny day, residents of Copenhagen want the option to optimize the direct sunlight remaining before sunset - especially when trying to find a sunny terrace after work.



Research | Concept | User Interface

Video prototyping | Animations


Project Details:

Completed in 1 week in June 2015 as part of the Pure GUI course at CIID. The project was made together with Sierra Nelmes and Sudhanshu Gautam. The final data visualisation screens shown above are my own personal work


SunnySide went through several iterations as shown below. We experimented with various ways of visualising sunshine using different sliders.