Spot on

Spot On is a tangible Spotify controller designed as a "mood board" for creating collaborative playlists in the office.

 Spot On was exhibited at Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen in July, 2015.      

Spot On was exhibited at Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen in July, 2015.




Rethinking office audio and understanding how people working in shared spaces would want to listen to music was the jumping point for creating Spot On. Current portable music players are not adapted for curating playlists. Curating music in communal spaces has been a long lasting problem, especially when we all have such different taste in music. Rather than focusing on music, we decided to curate what the music represents - the mood of those working together. The mood is something all employees can share rather than focusing solely on music taste.


Spot on is a music player that allows you to curate playlists based on desired mood in shared office spaces. To do so, users physically interact with custom designed "playlist tokens". The tokens act as an interface to Spotify. As such, they can be linked to a person's Spotify account, allowing them to access their music. Where the tokens are placed on the board determines the intensity of mood - tokens closer to the core access songs that are energetic. As we move outwards from the core, intensity also decreases. The most outward ring accesses songs that are tagged "mellow".


Spot On is a fully working prototype built using hall effect sensors, magnets, Arduino and an MP3 shield to play music. Magnets were used to give the interface a magical feeling as they are hidden in random places on the board. We started out low fidelity, testing out the most efficient way for sensors and magnets to work together. 

Concept video coming soon...


Research | Concept | Build

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Project Details:

Completed in 1 week in June 2015 as part of the Enchanted Objects course at CIID. The project was made together with Michael-Owen Liston and Melina Pyykkonen.