A networking service for newcomers to see the lives of people living in Copenhagen through visually engaging content.


Service design | Blueprint | Visual

Research | Concept |Co-creation

User Interface | Video | Storyboarding


Project Details:

Completed in August 2015 as part of the Data-Driven Service Design course at CIID. The project was made together with Liliana Lambriev, Feild Craddock and Sudhanshu Gautam.


Special thanks to:

- Chris Downs

- Marei Wollersberger

Jenna Date


“Mygreat” is the result of a month long collaboration with the International House (IH) in Copenhagen. The IH offers various immigration, integration and job search services to newcomers. We were tasked with identifying opportunities to design new services. After interviewing over 30 users and co-creating with various newcomers, we found that having a network before you arrive in CPH is crucial for unlocking the potential of the city. We also realised that people’s experience of immigration starts in their home country. At that point, newcomers would like to have visual tools to start imagining their new life. We wondered how we can generate a virtual network which also operates as a safety net – how might we give newcomers a network before they arrive in Copenhagen?


The team prototyped the service using Snapchat’s “My Story” feature and later on held Skype interviews with newcomers for their feedback. In the first iteration, each of us played the role of a host and showed newcomers around Copenhagen (tourist locations, cultural hotspots, local bars, markets). Content was well received when it was snippets of daily life, fun facts and anecdotes, or insider information. Other aspects such as seeing the host in the video and giving a voiceover were favoured. 

For the final iteration, four expats currently living in CPH were recruited. These designated hosts produced short video series – i.e., “a day in the life of” – and introduced their lives and surroundings to our newcomers.


“Mygreat – life in CPH” is a networking service for newcomers to see the lives of people living in CPH through visually engaging content (video/photo/voiceover). Through this service citizens can showcase the usual or unique aspects of their lives which may be useful or interesting for newcomers to know about.

As soon as newcomers ascertain their arrival date (via flight ticket or STAR visa approval), they can start watching and engaging with the content posted by their hosts. The newcomer is also automatically placed in an arrival group with others who plan to arrive in the same month. This lets them exchange information, start networking and plan their lives before they arrive. The service aims to reinforce a sense of comfort and ease before moving to a foreign country.