Artificial interactions

An experiment in designing natural conversations between artificial objects.




What could be a natural way for smart objects to talk to each other without overstimulating our senses? This project envisions a future where interactions between objects are rooted in natural animal-like behaviours. This approach enables human beings to easily interpret complex technologies surrounding them without feeling threatened or overwhelmed by it.


"Nature inspired generative design" - we used generative design patterns which are easy to find in nature. The featured dome structure easily lends itself to different forms — while one is embedded in sand, the other sits on a rock. They coexist in a harmonious way, blending in to their environment. When interacting, the same form lends itself to different affordances, letting the objects diversify in unique ways.


We have designed the dome shapes and built the final prototype using a simple servo motor mechanism and Arduino.

Project Details:

Completed in 2 days in May 2015 as part of the Secret Life of Objects course at CIID. This was a side project carried out with Dhruv Saxena.