6 Degrees

A recommendation service for travellers to discover places that people in their (extended) network treasure the most.

Context & Process:

The service was designed as an iPhone app to address a challenge in developing new digital services for live experiences. The process of development included a week-long user research and ideation - interviews followed by synthesising findings, creating personas, making journey maps and storyboards, culminating in a video prototype.  A long refinement process using paper prototyping tools helped achieve this final design.


The service was inspired by the insight that unexpected and random travelling experiences enrich people’s lives and provide material for storytelling. Also, people are interested in taking travel advice from friends of friends when they know how they are connected. 6 Degrees relies on the premise that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. As such, a user’s social network becomes a huge gateway to access all travel recommendations, making for a larger menu to feast on. 

Content for the service is created by having users curate experiences, adventures and gems their hometowns have to offer when signing up. This creates a low-barrier for entry allowing all users to be active contributors and content-makers by telling their unique stories. When travelling, users get to see a number of tips that their Facebook friends or friends of friends have curated. Rather than getting the tip first, the app provides two random “locals” to choose from at a given time. The connection between locals and the user can be to varying degrees, yet it is always possible to see the linking friend in between.

Ratings allow the content of the app to be continuously enriched by its users. People rate different aspects of their experiences once they complete a journey. As journeys progress, the service creates artefacts by visualising one's experience through social network connections.


Research | Concept | User Interface

Storyboarding | Scripting | Video


Project Details:

Completed in 2 weeks in July 2015 as part of the Emotive Digital Services course at CIID. The project was made together with Chelsey WickmarkHavard Lundberg and Manu Dixit.